Saturday, June 21, 2008

When I came to St. Margaret's Academy, I figured I would only be teaching the children. To my surprise, a large amount of my time has been spent instructing the other teachers how to use computers.

A man by the name of Chuck Follen, of Minneapolis Minnesota, has donated 14 laptop computers to St. Margaret's Academy through Friends of Africa Education which is a non-profit organization, based out of Minnesota, that has helped St. Margaret's become what it is today.

Until now, all of the teachers had been creating their lesson plans, quizes, exams, and homework assignments by hand. Now, with the help of these laptops, they will be able to spend more time teaching and focusing on the students needs and less time writing everything out by hand.

Yesterday was a big day for all of them. Mama Tesha came to school with a computer bag for each laptop which will allow them to bring thier computers home with them when they are swamped with work. When the annoucement was made that they were allowed to bring the computers home, it was like watching a little kid opening presents on Christmas morning. Each of them had smiles from ear to ear. They have been incredibly thankful and are eager to learn as much as they can.

This experience has remined me of how lucky most of us are in the United States. I have taken for granted the fact that I have been learning how to use a computer since I was in elementary school. I am incredibly happy for all of them and I hope it will allow them to spend more time focusing on each individual student and less time sitting at a desk writing each and everything out by hand.

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atburtzel said...

Good stuff on the website as usual Matthew Grove. It sounds like your experience has been great so far. Bridget tells me that your climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro pretty soon, that's simply amazing. Even more amazing is the fact that my dad said he could do it in 2 1/2 days. This didn't suprise any of us. Well, this has been great material to read at work so keep it coming and have a great time buddy.