Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting To Know My Students

Getting to know each and every one of their students is arguably the most important things a teacher can do. I decided that I would have my students answer a few questions for me so that I knew a little bit about them. I figured that many of you would like to know about the students as well, so I have decided to post a few of their "profiles" to my blog. Below is Bill, and Alice. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

sweet kids bro! i'm sure your makin quite an impact. love you and miss you! - MB

mo said...

Hope your having a great time! I'm sure it's gone by way too fast. I'm excited to hear stories and see photos dude. LOVE YOU!!!

Bokari Safari said...

School is good but school bus seems not enough for student because you can see them during morning they have standing inside bus like Daladala in town!!!!!!

Question to Tesha to make sure she is keeping all the student to have seat. Parent paying enough money, 3km 30,000. 15km 60,000 to 50,000 per month!!!!! wouuuu so huge amount, but any way we need kids to have seat.